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Uniswap Scam Alert: Phishing Scammers Impersonate Company Executives, and Create A Fake Website.

By Ekenedilichukwu Jun3,2023 #scam #Uniswap
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The creator of the Uniswap protocol and CEO of Uniswap Labs,  Hayden Adams recently expressed his surprise on Twitter regarding a scam where individuals created a fake Uniswap website.

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In a tweet, Adams indicated his astonishment at the elaborate nature of the scam, emphasizing that it required a significant amount of effort. He further disclosed that the scammers had incorporated Chinese community content into their scheme and even included links directing users to the legitimate Uniswap app on their deceptive website.

To add an extra layer of credibility to their scheme, the scammers went to great lengths by organizing an hour-long Zoom recording showcasing individuals pretending to be high-ranking executives from Uniswap. This orchestrated video presentation aimed to deceive viewers into believing the authenticity of the scam. Upon viewing the video, Adams expressed his bewilderment, stating, “Video is nuts. No idea who any of those people are.“

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To dispel any misconceptions, Adams made it clear that neither Uniswap nor the Uniswap Foundation had any form of association or involvement with the video in question, or the individuals who appeared in it.

Crypto Twitter speculated that the scam might revolve around a video showcasing people in Shenzhen, China, promoting the Uniswap UNI token. The footage reportedly bore titles such as “The first Uniswap Asian Summit” and “Guest: CEO of Uniswap. 

Adams and his team have been engaged in efforts to combat and mitigate the impact of the scam. Their efforts involve taking down the domain used to create the forged website.

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