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Month: November 2018

Multi-player Signature Account Explained.

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Multi-signature Accounts, as the name goes is a multiple signature or approval for one account. This simply means a feature where more than one person’s approval is required to process a transaction. Multi-signature accounts is beneficial to the Securityof the…

Scam Alert: Uphold Bitcoin Black Friday 15% Off Bitcoin Price.

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In view of the Black Friday coming tomorrow. Many scammers have started rolling put from their den. Different phishing message alerts promoting crypto users to do one or two tasks to get discounts on bitcoin price have been on increase….

Atiku Abubakar Reveals His Intentions To Legalize Cryptocurrencies In Nigeria.

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The cryptocurrency community in Nigeria is so excited to receive the recent Policy Document of Atiku, the formal Vice President Of Nigeria and a Presidential Candidate of PDP for the 2019 Presidential Election. The community of cryptopreneurs are excited on…

Blockchain Task-force Report Is Ready, says Michael Onuyango.

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Kenya is ready for blockchain adoption. The speedy policies and strategies being implemented to speed up the blockchain adoption is fast. Michael Onyango a member of the Blockchain Task-force Kenya said that it’s organisation’s report is ready. As per the…

How To Make Money With Bitcoin

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The world is evolving and Blockchain Technology is taking over. The new mode of payment aside fiat which is cryptocurrency is gaining wide adoption. Bitcoin is a digital money or currency that is used for online transactions leaving no trace…

Why You Must Invest In Blockchain

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Why you must invest in Blockchain . It’s not a compelling issue but an issue worthy of consideration. There was once an era of agriculture, then there came an era of information technology and now is the era of what…

Why Blockchain Adoption May Literally Fail In Nigeria, Africa.

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Many cryptocurrency activities have been evolving around Nigeria. Many individuals seem to be reluctant to the new technology and means of exchange which can help reduce the rate of poverty in the country. Nigeria has a very big population that…


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The first 3G Feature Smartphone aimed at giving a cheap option to the emerging market. This time costing about $20-$25 per mobile was launched by MTN, Africa‚Äôs largest cellular operator, in a partnership with China Mobile, chipmaker Unisoc and feature…


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WHAT IS BLOCKCHAIN It is a shared distributed ledger that exits in various computer network at the same time. LIFE EXAMPLES ?Record your sales and purchase of raw materials on the blockchain. ?Even your bank statement can be on the…

How Blockchain Technology Is Different From Traditional Technology.

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1. The problems of trust. You don’t need to trust the admin/owners to trust the data. Example : in a supply based centralized solution, how can you trust the raw material available in inventory without trusting the inventory manager? Technically…

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