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GTBank Reviews International Naira Card Transactions Up to $200 Per Month

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One of the best online banking services providers in Nigeria GTBank has now reviewed it’s Naira Card spending limit from $100 up to $200.

Wema Bank Nigeria Invites FinTech Innovators Including Blockchain Tech Innovators to it’s Hackathon 2.0

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Wema Bank Nigeria have announced the second edition of it’s Hackathon tagged Hackaholics 2.0 with $40,000 reward.

South Africa’s Standard Bank Taps into Contour Letter of Credit Blockchain

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South Africa’s Standard Bank is moving into the Contour blockchain trade finance network via Letter of Credit Blockchain.

How Crypto Savings Account Interest Beats the New CBN Policy on Bank Savings Account Interest.

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Crypto Savings Account yields more interest now compared with Banking Savings Account interest.

GTBank Nigeria Restricts A Bitcoin Trader Bank Account Over Unclear Cryptocurrency Related Transactions.

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Just recently, GTBank Nigeria flagged withdrawal transactions coming from exchanges like Binance etc as illegal on claims of suspected fraudulent transactions.

BVN: The Easiest Method of Identity Verification For Cryptocurrency Focused Service Providers Across Nigeria.

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Bank Verification Number is your biometric identification number in the database of the Central Bank of Nigerian.

Crypto ‘OG’ Wants Blockchain Startups to Collaborate With Banks to Grow Adoption in Nigeria.

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Chemezie Chuta, the founder of Blockchain Nigeria User Group advocates for a collaboration between Nigeria blockchain-based startups and the banks to drive adoption of crypto in the country.  Chuta believes that, “Nigerian Crypto companies and banks can work together, just…

Algorand And Banking: Benefits of Using Algorand At the Banks.

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We will be looking at the benefits of adopting Algorand blockchain and its features at the banking sector around Nigeria.

Traditional Banks are Losing Customers to Digital Banks in Nigeria Following the New Stamp Duty Charge By FIRS

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Digital Banks in Nigeria had recorded a new dawn following the new “Stamp Duty” fee charge on every 10,000 Naira transfer by Traditional Banks.

ATM Transactions Drops By 50% With A Corresponding Increase In Fintech Apps Downloads

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The global ATM transactions had dropped by 50 percent since the outbreak of COVID-19.