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#Bitcoin #market

Bitcoin Tops Best Performing Asset Of Q1 2023

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Bitcoin’s (BTC) 2023 present momentum is attributed as part of aim to exit last year’s crypto winter, this has resulted in the digital asset outperforming other investment products, despite a gloomy economic outlook.  In particular, Bitcoin has emerged as the top-performing asset class in…

Crypto Market Loses $102 Billion In 30 Days- BTC, SOL Records The Most Losses

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Most altcoins were hit by market bear attack over the last 30 days resulting to losses and the worst performing crypto out of the top ten coins with the largest market valuations was solana, losing 19.12% against the U.S. dollar….

Bitcoin Is a Legal Tender In More Countries Than You Think. These Are Countries Where Bitcoin Is Legal.

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What does it entails to use Bitcoin as a medium of exchange ? Many Bitcoin enthusiasts pushing for it’s usage as a legal tender in various countries attributes their reasons to Bitcoin’s freedom of exchange features. This stems from the…

Elon Musk’s Tesla Dumps 75% Of It’s Bitcoin Holdings At The Height Of Bear Market.

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At the company’s second quarter of the year report, the electric car company revealed it has sold 75% of its Bitcoin holdings this quarter, for $963 million, noting that the value of its remaining “digital assets” is $218 million. Early…

Bitcoin Struggles At 21k, Ethereum Records 10 Days High: Crypto Price Analysis.

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As crypto market recovers from recent sharp fall,Ethereum the leading altcoin, is currently trading above $1,200 (at a 10-day high) after an 8% spike in a single day, even though top altcoins have been regaining some of their recently lost…

Bitcoin Tanks Below $35k. Is $25k Price Retest Near ?

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The (Bitcoin)BTC price has been falling for the four days none stop, entering the 35000 support level. If sellers sustain this fallout, the potential free fall will pull the coin price to the $30,000 support level, suggesting a 8.65% fall within the…

Here Is Why Crypto Prices Are Crashing.

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Bear run hit Bitcoin BTC, ethereum and other major cryptocurrencies over the week with prices falling sharply as a broad asset price crash depletes markets despite positive crypto prediction from global crypto exchange CEOs. According to Forbes, bitcoin price has lost…

Bitcoin Whale Alert: Microstrategy Buys $190.5 Million Worth Of Bitcoin.

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MicroStrategy (MSTR), the bitcoin-accumulating business-intelligence software company, announced today, a purchase of another 4,167 BTC valued at $190.5 million. Purchases took place between Feb. 15 and April 4, MicroStrategy said in a statement Tuesday. The Tysons Corner, Va.-based firm paid an average…

Why Is Crypto Crashing ?

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The crypto market is witnessing one of the biggest crash in the history of crypto trading. Crypto investors are at crossroads. The crypto crash has continued for a week. Crypto traders are skeptical, confused and unwilling to trade. Many are…

The Bull Is Back. Bitcoin Rallies Above $50k As Christmas Approaches.

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The bullish crypto market continued today as Bitcoin breaks back to $50k zone as the holiday season trading accelerates investors interests in crypto. The live Bitcoin price today is $50,755.72 USD as at the time of this report, trading volume of $26,453,729,761…

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