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NGO (Non Governmental Organization) to Use Cryptocurrency Vouchers for Aid Delivery in Kenya, Ethiopia.

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International humanitarian organization CARE has launched pilot programs in Ethiopia and Kenya to test how blockchain and cryptocurrency technology might improve aid delivery to women and women’s groups in particular. The projects will distribute cryptocurrency-based vouchers that can be redeemed for goods…

Kenya To Become First in Africa To Officially Adopt Mainstream Crypto Payments

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Pilot scheme of Musician Akon’s Akoin Completed After a successful pilot phase since November 2020, Akoin is now set for a countrywide rollout in Kenya following months of testing. Mwale Medical Technology City (MMTC), a smart city building out in…

Kenyan Farmers Use Cryptocurrency.

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In what is termed Community Inclusion Currency CIC, Kenyan farmers are selling their produce, purchasing fertilisers and farming inputs with cryptocurrency designed for their community. An American economist, Will Ruddick, introduced blockchain technology for low income urban customers and has…

Blockchain: Fighting National Security and Corruption Through the Adoption of Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain has proven to be a solid strategy for solidifying security and has made it easier for the developed  nations to trace government corruption and other economic crimes. 

For the First Time, Kenya Ranks Above Nigeria in Bitcoin Search in Africa.

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Recent Google Trends data compiled by Blockchaincenter.net shows that Kenya ranks above Nigeria in Bitcoin search for the first time over a long period of time.

Africa Sets New All-Time High of N5.076 Billion Naira in Peer-to-Peer Bitcoin Trades With Nigeria Covering Over N3.631 Billion Naira.

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Just in, Africa sets a new All-Time high of N5.076 Billion Naira in peer-to-peer Bitcoin trades across 18 African countries with Nigeria covering over N3.631 Billion Naira.

Come And Learn What is Halving at ‘The Halving’ Webinar Conference 2020

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Join us on May 14 – 16 to learn what is Halving at ‘The Halving’ Webinar Conference 2020.

Sub-Saharan Africa P2P Bitcoin Weekly Trades Hits a New Record of $10M USD Trading Volume.

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The new set records can be seen by evaluating the transaction volumes on LocalBitcoins and Paxful P2P bitcoin trading platforms.

The Implementation of African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement Postponed Due to COVID-19.

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The implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement will no longer start on July 1st  this year because of the disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic.

What Would Happen If Aliko Dangote Buys Into the Ethereum (ETH) in Circulation?

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Holding a net worth of about $10.1billion, Aliko Dangote might theoretically be able to buy a huge percentage stake of all the (ETH) in circulation.