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South Africa’s Net Foreign Reserves Hits $54.844 Billion, As The Nation’s Currency Rand Appreciates Against Dollar. 

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South Africa’s net foreign reserves rose to $54.844 billion in January from $53.827 billion in December, the Reserve Bank said on Tuesday. Gross reserves also increased to $61.864 billion in January from $60.570 billion in December. The forward position, which…

Nigeria Unveils New Naira Currency Notes.

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Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari has unveiled the new currency notes on Wednesday morning before the federal executive council (FEC) meeting at the state house, Abuja. At a briefing after the ceremony before the Federal executive council meeting, the CBN governor…

Top African Fintech Apps For Easy Transborder Sending And Reception Of Money.

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The changing landscape of business and the workplace, the japa fever has created needs for transborder transactions. Which could be for tuition payment, savings or fund remittance to native country. Regarding restrictions, most platforms used for international transactions such as…

Here Are The Few Things You Need To Know About The Introduction Of The New Naira Notes.

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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) will introduce new 200, 500 and 1000 notes into circulation on December 15th, 2022, phasing out the existing bills as legal tender on January 31st, 2023. Questions and answers. Can I exchange my new…

Do You Want To Make Money From Remote Jobs Currently Open For Hiring?

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People ask, Where is the best place to look for remote Jobs? How do I find remote work ? This will definitely help you. Are you currently searching for a remote-first job opportunity? Here are 150 tech and social impact…

How To Make Money During Crypto Bear Markets Or Crypto Crash.

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Seasoned crypto traders are not shaken by the crypto bear market. Crypto crashes are well exploited by old time traders who understand the tricks of making money during crypto bear markets. There is no gainsaying that the crypto market is…

Daily Tips To Money Management and Avoid Going Broke.

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You and I can agree that managing money takes a lot of effort, it involves conscious effort and this is not a piece of cake to handle especially when you have a lot on your plate to attend to.

Cryptocurrency Vs Fiat

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Cryptocurrency is intrinsic. Although we have a lot of shitcoins these days and it’s hard to keep up, cryptocurrency is generally supposed to represent a moment of intrinsic utility.

Zimbabwe Suspends all Mobile Money Agent Transactions in Other to Control Hyperinflation.

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Zimbabwe’s central bank has suspended all “mobile money agents” transactions in a bid control to hyperinflation in the country. 

Deepening Financial Inclusion With Affordable Fintech Powered Blockchain PSBs in Nigeria 

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According to a new report released by Enhancing Financial Innovation and Access (EFInA), more Nigerians are embracing financial services, with positive impact on lending and the economy.

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