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Nigerian Photography Raises Alarm Over Unauthorized Listing Of Her Work As NFT On Opensea.  

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A Nigerian professional photographer took to Twitter to raise alarm over an attempt to sell her viral photo as NFT by an authorized retailer on Opensea NFT platform.  The photographer Esther Umoh, who is the official photographer for Peter Obi’s…

How To Buy NFT In Nigeria

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NFTs adoption in Nigeria is growing. More NFT artists and creators are coming out and making sales. Nigerian creators largely buy NFT in Nigeria using OpenSea. More recently, NFT which has reportedly been in existence since the mid-2010s has gained…

A Bug on Opensea Currently Allows NFT to be Bought Below Floor Price

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This bug on Opensea currently allows NFT to be bought below Floor Price @xHustler on Twitter attracted the attention of Opensea users of the latest bug that can exploit your NFT by selling it at an old listing price if…

Viral Picture Of President Buhari’s Trouser Listed As NFT Crypto.

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A recent viral photo of Nigeria’s president on khaki coloured pants worn during one of his presidential outings that became social media sensation has been listed as NFT (Non Fungible Token) on popular NFT/ DeFi platform Opensea. Follow this link…