Tue. May 21st, 2024

Nigerian Photography Raises Alarm Over Unauthorized Listing Of Her Work As NFT On Opensea.  

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A Nigerian professional photographer took to Twitter to raise alarm over an attempt to sell her viral photo as NFT by an authorized retailer on Opensea NFT platform. 

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The photographer Esther Umoh, who is the official photographer for Peter Obi’s presidential campaign rally uploaded a viral picture of Peter Obi in a motorcade procession on the streets of Lagos with a young boy standing in front of the presidential candidate with enthusiasm. 

Hours after the photo went viral, it was listed for sale on Opensea by a user “1A5F6F” under an untitled collection and labelled “The New Nigeria ” for  0.5 Eth ( $760.93). Under its description, the seller wrote, “The Leading Presidential candidate Peter Obi Mega rally on 11/02/2023.”

The photographer, Esther Umoh said in a tweet, ” Putting up my work on @opensea

 without my permission is really not a great thing to do. I don’t know who this person is.” “… help report it massively,” she tweeted. 

According to Opensea policy on content theft, anyone who wishes to report items as stolen—to disable them from being bought or sold using OpenSea’s service — is required to submit a ticket. Its User Safety team will help with disabling the affected items.

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In order to verify the report of theft, you’re required to provide a police report within 7 calendar days. This helps prevent bad actors from making false reports. If Opensea did not receive a police report, the items will be re-enabled on OpenSea.io.

If you’re the victim of a theft and you want to re-enable an item because it was recovered or you would like to withdraw your report, please submit a ticket.

While Opensea can prevent your items from being bought or sold using OpenSea’s services, your items remain on the blockchain and are not in the custody of OpenSea. As a result, Opensea aren’t able to recover lost funds or NFTs that have been transferred out of your wallet. Opensea also cannot prevent your items from being bought, sold, or transferred using other marketplaces or non-OpenSea services, or through direct interaction with the blockchain.

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