Wed. May 22nd, 2024

Tip on X (Formerly Twitter) and Farcaster Using Crypto; Powered by Ham and TN100x

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Tipping on Twitter is now possible with Floaties powered by Ham And TN100x. 

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It all started with tipping HAM on Farcaster through Warpcast using the Ham Emoji. This has evolved to tipping other numerous memes coins on Farcaster and Twitter using floaties. 

In a bid to onboard millions on chain, TN100x powered Ham Project on Base Chain has made it possible to tip crypto to anybody around the world on X (formerly Twitter) and Farcaster.

You can currently tip 21 different cryptos including USDC while more will be coming soon. The Platform intends to make it possible to tip a wide range of cryptos including stablecoins across social media platforms Twitter and Farcaster and maybe more social media platforms in the future.

How Does It Work

These floaties are represented by emojis and these emojis are a replica of the token that you intend to tip on either Twitter or Farcaster. 

Floaties act as tips within any social media it’s being tipped on. Currently on Twitter and Farcaster. You can simply comment on a post within the app using an emoji representing your floaty and the tokens backing this floaty will be automatically sent to the recipient’s wallet. 

Here are some examples; 

🦄 = 100 $TN100x

🦄🦄🦄🦄 = 400 $TN100x

🦄x4 = 400 $TN100x

Users who aren’t connected or who don’t have any wallet yet, can claim their tip by signing up for a coinbase smart wallet, metamask, trust wallet etc and connect their Twitter account to

Step by Step Guide to Tip and Receive Your Tip On X and Farcaster.

  • To Tip on Twitter, connect your crypto wallet and buy Floaties on using TN100x.
  • Then, link your X account and reply to a tweet you like in the following format; use the hashtag “#ham”, followed by a space, followed by the floaty you want to send. Example: #ham 🦄  

HAM has made it easier to tip creators on social media. The ecosystem has also highlighted the future launch of Ham Chain as seen on their Web page. This highlights a possible future way to tip any crypto including Bitcoin, ETH etc all on-chain. 

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