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Weekly Crypto Overview: The popularity of Collateral Loan Coin Grows in Africa

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On this Weekly Crypto Overview on Cryptocurrency, there was a lot of news on collateral loan coin (stablecoin) projects, mostly collateralized stablecoin.  Many platforms are creating it’s own collateral loan coins in a bid to have a share of the…

What is the Difference Between Public Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Explained.

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Many at times, we are confused with this terms blockchain or public blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. The bull market of both markets saw a big publicity during the bitcoin bubble of 2017. Both terms are similar and also have…

Binance Partners with the Escrow Service Provider Paxful to Offer Naira and Fiat Payment Gateways to Over 167 Countries.

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Paxful, one of the top cryptocurrency escrow service provider in the Nigeria partners with Binance to offer easier naira and other fiat gateway for its users. The top escrow service provider will facilitate fiat gateway transactions for cryptocurrency traders im…

A New Report Shows that Getting Blockchain Tutorials For Blockchain Skills Can Earn You an Extra Paycheck as an IT Pro.

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Earning extra paycheck for tech professionals with non-certified skills has increased, nearing a 19-year high, adding an average of 9.4% to their salary. This is one of the benefits of going for blockchain tutorials.  We have a few blockchain jobs…

Many Ways You Can Make Money Online In Nigeria With the Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

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Too many people in Nigeria are getting on the cryptocurrency investment, in a bid to make money online in Nigeria. According to the report released previously by CIBN, the search increase in cryptocurrency bitcoin increased by 40 percent in Nigeria. …

Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria is Looking to Meet International Standards in Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency.

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The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria (CIBN) is looking to meet international standards in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency in Nigeria.  It’s also working on making sure its members and prospective candidates get acquited with the knowledge needed in the…

The Launch of Single Currency For West Africa May Not Be Actualized Says Nigeria Minister of Finance Zainab.

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The 2020 proposed date for the launch of single currency for West Africa may not be actualised as many countries within the region are yet to meet the convergence criteria for the monetary union. The Minister of Finance, Budget and…

CIBN Suggests A New Certification Badge For Online Payment Gateways In Nigeria.

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The Chartered Institute of Bankers of Nigeria disclosed an increase in the use of bitcoin among other payment gateways in nigeria. This it disclosed in its release on ‘The Nigerian Banker’, in its December 2019 edition. Part of the report…

Lagos State Government Launches N250 Million Seed Funding For Startups To Help Create New Tech Innovations.

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Lagos State Government has launched a N250 million seed funding for startups for the development of new technology innovations.  Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, launched the funds on Thursday at Art of Technology (AOT) Lagos 1.0 conference. He also…

Come And Learn Cryptocurrency At The Annual Bitcoin Conference Hosted By Gaius Chibueze On 6th Dec 2019 At Dubai

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Come And Learn About Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology From Nigerian Experts At The annual Bitcoin Conference In Dubai. Bitcoin Chief invites the blockchain and cryptocurrency community in Nigeria to this event. The host, Gaius Chibueze is popularly known as…