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Month: May 2020

CBN Debunks the Rumors of N2000 and N5000 Naira Banknotes Making Rounds Online.

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CBN debunks the rumors making rounds online on the existence of N2000 and N5000 Naira Banknotes.

Algorand Wallet Review 2020: Wallet Features and How to Set Up a New Wallet.

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Algorand wallet review will be focusing on the features of the wallet and how to set up a new wallet.

Algorand: A Breakthrough For the Digital Economy

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Algorand is the new technology that will foster a big breakthrough for the digital economy

The Need for a Crypto Fan House Inmate at the BBNaija 2020 Sparks Concern Among the Cryptocurrency Community in Nigeria.

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The need for a crypto fan house inmate at the BBNaija 2020 has raised a big concern among the cryptocurrency community in Nigeria.

The AbiTrader Factor: How AbiTrader Will Take Over the P2P Market in Africa

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The AbiTrader factor is a unique tool for AbiTrader to take over the P2P market in Africa.

Facebook’s Calibra Rebrands to Novi, Announcing WhatsApp Interoperability

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In other to speed up the launch of Libra payments ecosystem, Calibra renames cryptocurrency wallet Novi, details tie-up to WhatsApp.

Tether Blows Ripple (XRP) Out as the Third Largest Cryptocurrency by Market Capitalization 

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Tether USDT blows Ripple (XRP) from the third position and now seats as the third largest cryptocurrency by Market Capitalization 

BlueKey Utility Token (BKY) Lists on CoinmarketCap

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Bluekey Utility Token (BKY) lists its token on the worlds top cryptocurrency data aggregator, known as Coinmarketcap.

Craig Wright, Self-Proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Gets Another Red Card

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Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto has been proven wrong once more.

New Documentary Suggests How Africa Can Leverage on Bitcoin.

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A new documentary available on Amazon Prime explains how African countries can leverage on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to boost the region’s economy.

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