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ABiT Network Champions Next Of Kin Policy Among Crypto Exchanges in Nigeria

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A recent tweet from Abit Network CEO Gaius Chibueze also known as bitcoin Chief has further explained the Essence of the Next of Kin feature in across crypto exchanges. The tweet was a conversation between him and a User of…

ABiTrader Completes the 1500th Buy and Sell Order on its Crypto P2P Platform Following it’s Latest App Update.

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Since after launch in 2020, ABiTrader has evolved into a mind-blowing peer-to-peer crypto mobile application with it’s unique Quick Swap feature for Nigerians.

ABiTrader App Launches on iOS.

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ABiTrader App has launched the iOS version of it’s debut P2P market, mobile application months after launch.

Where and How to Trade Tatcoin.

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You need to know how to trade tatcoin. Tatcoin went live for full trading (buying and selling) on 13th July, 2020 on various popular cryptocurrency trading platforms. The token is currently open on ABiTtrader, iDEX and Bitfxt cryptocurrency exchange. This…

Introducing ABiTrader App, an African-focused P2P Crypto Trading Mobile App For Buying and Selling Bitcoin in Africa

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The novel blockchain startup in Nigeria, ABiT Network has launched the mobile app version of its Bitcoin P2P (peer-to-peer) trading web app, some days after its fundraise. 

The First Nigerian Blockchain Startup to Raise Over 250 Million Naira in Presale.

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AbiT Network is the first Nigerian blockchain startup to raise over 250 million naira in its presale stage.

Join Tatcoin Talent Hunt and Win Up to N500,000 

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AbitNetwork is launching Tatcoin Talent Hunt, a program to incentive the community with their effort towards promoting Tatcoin on social media.

The AbiTrader Factor: How AbiTrader Will Take Over the P2P Market in Africa

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The AbiTrader factor is a unique tool for AbiTrader to take over the P2P market in Africa.

ABiT Network Rolls Out Central System to Allow Users Access to Platforms via Single Login Details

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ABiT Network has launched a new central login system allowing all users access to all the ABiT Network services with one user login details.

Africa’s No 1 Cryptocurrency Trader Challenges Promoters of Ethereum Million Money to a Debate.

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Gaius Chibueze is the No 1 Cryptocurrency Trader in Africa. Ranked one of the world’s best traders on Binance in 2019. Gaius Chibueze has challenged promoters of Ethereum Million Money to a debate.