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The Biggest Crypto Heist; Poly Network Hackers Ready To Return Loot.

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The invisible poly network hacker who stole over $600 million cryptocurrency funds has announced his willingness to return the loot. According to Etherscan, at about 4:00 am UTC, on Wednesday, the hacker sent an Ethereum transaction to themselves stating that…

Poly Network Hack: Tether Freezes 33 Million USDT.

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Not less than $611 million were stolen in this hack. Poly Network has suffered what appears to be the biggest DeFi hack in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The cross-chain decentralized finance Network has lost more than $611 million as the result of…

Indian Crypto exchange BuyUCoin allegedly exposes 325K users’ personal data 

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Users of Indian crypto exchange BuyUCoin have reportedly being affected by a breach compromising personal data of more than 325,000 people. BuyUCoin Exchange Officials initially denied the reports of this data breach, but later added that all user funds are…

Latest Report Shows a Decrease in the Rate of Blockchain Attacks in 2020

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There has been a drastic decline in the rate of cryptocurrency and Blockchain hacks through the course of the year; 2020.

$24 Million Lost in Another DeFi Flashloan Economic Attack.

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Harvest Finance a DeFi based project developed under Kava Blockchain has been attacked in a recent flashloan economic attack resulting in a $24 million loss off the protocol.

Stop Using TikTok, You Are Giving Hackers Opportunity to Hack Your Crypto Wallet. 

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A recent review on Reddit had shown that Tiktok is more or less a data collecting mobile app rather than a social media app.  The viral short video app where millions of teens post comedy skits and other videos of…

The Johannesburg City Hackers Demand A Ransom Of Four Bitcoins Worth 10.8 Million Naira.

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The Johannesburg City hackers of Johannesburg City website hack on 24th October was attached to a group of hackers who identified themselves as “Shadow Kill Hackers”.  The Johannesburg city website was hacked on Thursday 24 October which saw the lost…

Satowallet Hack: A Nigerian Cryptocurrency Service Provider Satowallet Losses User Funds To Hosting Provider.

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Satowallet Hack: Exchange Platform claims Satowallet Hack not from the failure of its platform but of the hosting provider. The Satowallet is a Nigerian owned cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provide based in Dubai affairms loss of user funds. Most of…

US Treasury Sanctions WannaCry Bitcoin Ransome Cyber Hackers.

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The United States Treasury on Friday sanctions three hacking groups they claimed were sponsored by North Korea that were allegedly involved in the “WannaCry” ransomware attacks demanding bitcoin cryptocurrency from its victims. According to Wikipedia, “The WannaCry” ransomware attack was…

Why Bitcoin As A Ransom

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      Lately, the global interest in bitcoins has grown. So, it becomes extremely important to understand the basics of bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Bitcoin, and its alternatives are all based on cryptographic algorithms which are encrypted. This makes the currency…