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Kuda Bank Targets Crypto Traders, Embarks on Account Closing Spree.

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Kuda Bank has has reitrated its firms resolve to close accounts of any of it’s customers who enages in crypto transactions of any sort, this was contained in a statement issued to the public following social media outcry over the…

Kuda Bank Hits 1 Million Android App Downloads

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Kuda bank is the first  African digital bank Created by Nigeria, it is celebrating a milestone that its android app has as of 20th Feb recorded over a million downloads of the app. It took to its official Twitter handle…

There are Strict Regulatory Limits on Personal Accounts for Active Crypto-Traders — Kuda Bank

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Kuda has reportedly blocked active naira bank accounts over unclear regulatory terms. A crypto guy identified as Nex Crypto on Twitter narrated how his account and that of his colleagues were blocked by Kuda for different reasons. “Kuda blocked my…

Kuda Bank Debunks Claims of Shut Down! 

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Kuda bank has recently debunked claims of shut down circulating the internet. In a recent tweet, Kuda bank debunked claims that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) will shut down the bank reinstating the trust of its customers towards their…

The Easiest Way to Own Foreign Account for Receiving Foreign Currency and Redeem to Naira Instantly.

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This is the easiest way to own Foreign Account and receive dollar, euros and other foreign currencies in Nigeria and redeem to Naira bank account.