The Easiest Way to Own Foreign Account for Receiving Foreign Currency and Redeem to Naira Instantly.

The Easiest Way to Own Foreign Account for Receiving Foreign Currency and Redeem to Naira Instantly.
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    This is the easiest way to own Foreign Account and receive dollar, euros and other foreign currencies in Nigeria and redeem to Naira bank account.

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    Majority of Nigerians receive payments from abroad using stringent methods offered by banks. Many others find it difficult receiving payments due to strict regulatory concerns which makes it cumbersome to easily get verified or approved for international transactions.

    It’s usually difficult to own a dollar bank account in Nigeria for receiving payments via direct dollar deposit or dollar transfer from family, friends, customers or workplace. 

    You can now easily receive dollar, pounds and euros from Nigeria using Kuda. You will get your own Virtual United States (USD) Bank Account, Euros (EUR) Bank Account and Pounds (GBP) Bank Account.

    The available bank providers of the above foreign currencies include:

    • US Bank Account is provided by First Century Bank
    • Euros Bank Account is provided by Wirecard Bank AG
    • Pounds is provided by Barclays Bank

    You can easily have your own account details and receive money instantly into this account and exchange it to Naira directly through your Kuda Bank Account.

    All you have to do is to open a new Kuda Bank Account and link your Payoneer account if you already have. You can easily open a new one with zero hassle.

    How to Open a Dollar, Euro and Pounds Bank Account Using Kuda Bank:

    • Sign up on Kuda
    • Go to the more links tab 
    • Choose linked accounts
    • Select Payoneer account
    • Link your Payoneer account. 
    • Sign up for a new Payoneer account or do login to old account.

    That’s all.

    Using Kuda you can withdraw either of the above foreign currencies in your account instantly to your Kuda Bank account in Naira and at the best forex rates. I know you will be wondering how to load funds into your Payoneer account using naira to send dollars instantly to foreign bank accounts.

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    Requirements to Receive Funds:

    • You must verify your Kuda Bank Account
    • You must verify your Payoneer account
    • Payoneer account must be active for receiving international transactions.

    Well currently you can only do this when you have somehow who uses Payoneer account with loaded funds or when you have another user with funds loaded on their credit cards. You can’t load your Payoneer account with your own funds.

    Now that you have your own foreign currency account dominated in (USD) US Dollars, (EURO) Euros and Pounds (GBP), you can start receiving funds from anybody and Exchange direct to your bank account in seamless way.

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