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Introduction to Ninja Game Guild

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Game Guilds have been around for a very long time. Traditionally, they are communities of gamers who play video games together and have their own culture and members. Popular traditional gamers usually play mission games and Esports. 

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They are famous examples of gaming guilds, only they get to generate a stable source of income from playing video games online. 

Then here comes the crypto gaming guild. This is an organization that is made up of gamers, investors, and managers. The aim of coming together is to achieve the goal of having players who play and earn money with the resources provided already by the investors. 

We call it GameFi (Game Finance) in the crypto world. GameFi is blockchain-based gaming where users/players can earn money by participating in video games. These play-to-earn (P2E) games are powered by blockchain technology, allowing players to earn while they play.

In Africa, there are many Game Guilds but Ninja Game Guild stands out as the most popular game guild in Africa.

Introduction to Ninja Game Guild 

Ninja Game Guild was founded by Akira Komiya from Japan with a focus on the emerging crypto-gaming market in Africa.

Ninja Game Guild Mission 

Onboard and Educate: To reach, educate, and empower the next millions of Metaverse citizens with blockchain and GameFi.

Ninja Game Guild aims to provide NFT game scholarships to every gamer around the world.

Accessible NFT Games for All: Ninja Game Guild aims to build the best Gaming Community in Africa.

To build the best community, Ninja Game Guild offers a lot of NFT games and educates and communicates with members.

Ninja Game Guild aims to offer a scholarship system to our guild members.   You can earn cryptocurrency to play the game without investing. In its community, Ninja Game Guild offers education and community events, so that anyone can start. You can join the NGG community.

Ninja Game Guild Token:

Ninja Game Guild intends to issue its community token $NGG in the future. This is the governance token of NGG.  You can earn $NGG and build the best community with them.

Ninja Game Guild has secured a partnership with various crypto ecosystem companies which include; blockchain space, crypto games, cast ventures, Solana Africa, and Lootbox.

The game guild also has various games that the community currently plays which include: Axie Infinity, Jobtribes, Titan Hunters, StepN, Dragon Master, and Gunstar Metaverse.

Conclusion: Ninja Game Guild remains the largest gaming community in Africa with 2,300 discord members and a total online community of over 8,000 members. 

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