Israeli New President to Receive an Oath Signed by His Father as NFT.

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NFTs at it’s peak as the Isreal’s new President is set to receive a digital version of an oath signed by his father.

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The Knesset, Israel’s unicameral legislative body, could become the world’s first government body to use blockchain technology, and more specifically – NFTs. 

The incoming President Isaac Herzog will reportedly receive an NFT of the original oath signed by his late father – the nation’s sixth President.

  • Born in 1960, Isaac Herzog is the President-elect of Israel who could go down in history as the first head of a country to receive a non-fungible token on his inauguration day.
  • Per a local report, Miki Levy, the Knesset Speaker, will hand him a digitized version of the original oath signed by his late father – Chaim Herzog. 
  • The officials have acted fast on the matter as they found the oath in the Knesset archives a week ago.
  • It’s dated May 5th, 1983, and it reads that President Herzog I pledges to be “faithful to the State of Israel and its laws and to faithfully fulfill my role as President.”
  • His son, the incoming President, is expected to repeat the same oath upon his inauguration.
  • After the finding, the next Israeli head of state wanted to have the oath immortalized, and Knesset’s Technology and Computing Division decided to use the services of blockchain and NFT.
  • Non-fungible tokens have skyrocketed in popularity in previous months, with celebrities from every field rushing to launch their own to enhance fans’ engagement.

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A Brief Explanation on “What is NFTs?”

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