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Keybase.io Stops Newly Registered Users From Qualifying From Stellar Lumen Space Drop.

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Keybase.io stops new users not registered before Sep 9 from qualifying from the airdrop starting from September 16. 

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Diutocoinnews posted about Keybase.io Space Drop wirh Stellar Development Foundation earlier before now.

Keybase currently has 300,000 active users across its various services, according to the company. Keybase.io stops new registrations due to platform violation.

The current Space Drop Per User for the month of October is at 1,102 XLM which is around 60 USD at the time of the report.


The company reports that Github and Hackers News were both under attack by bad actors trying to steal users registration details to enable them qualify for the Space Drop.

In other to avert this act by bad actors. Keybase.io will not qualify new users trying to qualify themselves with Github or Hacker News. 

“All you have to do is have an authenticated Keybase account, and your XLM will appear in your wallet – automatically, every month, for as long as the airdrop continues,”

At present, the Stellar Lumen Foundation will discuss and communicate with the public how the Space Drop will continue.


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