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Last updated on December 31st, 2019 at 07:01 am

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LifeBank a medical oriented company located at 1, Connal Road, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria aims to solve the issue of shortage of blood in Africa through its services. The goal is to deliver needed medical products such as blood, blood products, oxygen as well as vaccines to hospitals in Africa. The company has been in operation since February 2017 after her successful pre-seed sell.

How It Works

The app runs two separate platforms. The first platform allows medical professionals to order blood from about 28 blood banks in Lagos. Orders are filtered by blood type, location and urgency. LifeBank’s logistics team will then store the blood in a cool chain system at 10 degrees Celsius. It will then be transported using Bluetooth-padlocked boxes that only the intended recipient can open.

“If everyone had the opportunity to build something like LifeBank, then the world would be a happy place”.

Mark Zuckerberg

The company also only transports blood that has been screened by state-run clinics, reducing the possibility of blood-transmitted infections entering the chain. So far, it has moved more than 1000 pints between blood banks and hospitals. LifeBank uses Blockchain Tech to store the credentials of refugee health workers across Africa. The tech is also used to verify biometric identity, and also wearable devices which is used to monitor the health conditions of babies in developing countries.

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