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Octopus Network Africa Meetup in Kano Nigeria: Exploring Web3 In Africa

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Octopus Network is a multichain, interoperable crypto network for launching appchains. Its African team held its first meetup on the 18th of September 2022 in kano state. The event was aimed at increasing the awareness of Web3 in Africa, get web2 developers increased in Blockchain technology and showcase wonderful usecase already built on Blockchain. One hundred and seventy-five registered and the event had an attended over One-Hundred (100) participants. At the end of the event, participants were abreast of the importance of blockchain and Web3 development. 

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  • To create an opportunity for young people to understand blockchain, cryptocurrency and web development.
  • To strengthen the ability of young people on networking.
  • To increase knowledge of young people on Octopus Network.

The  Event 

  • Date of Event: 18th September 2022
  • Location of Event: NEAR Nigeria Office Kano state

The event started at 2:00 PM with the anchor of the program in the person of Kabir Hussein, Social Media Manager at Octopus Network Africa giving recognition to the key speakers and guests invited. He appreciated everyone for making time to attend an important function like this. He went further to invite Damilola Oguntola(Damboy)to give an opening remark.

Damilola, the lead Person for Octopus Network  Africa expressed his profound happiness by thanking everyone present, before giving a brief overview of Octopus Network Africa.  He introduced Aurora and Octopus as the first and second arms of NEAR Protocol respectively.

The founder and lead person of Blockchain in Bayero University Kano (BUK), Miracle Jeremiah Ogbuehi presented on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Miracle spoke extensively on blockchain, features, and its types. He also spoke about the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency. In his words; 

“A cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which is an alternative form of payment created using encryption algorithms. It is also a payment platform where there is no third party. While blockchain is a decentralized ledger where cryptocurrency transactions are being tracked”. 

Miracle gave the following examples of cryptocurrencies; Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, NEAR, Octopus Token, FTT, Solana, Polkadot, etc. He ended his session by encouraging the participants to have a digital wallet.

Mohammed Auwal Abdullahi, senior developer and head of graphics, NEAR Nigeria, took the participants through the history, importance and transition of Web. He spoke about the evolution of the Web for over three (3) decades slowly bringing us from the early days of Web 1, with static text and images, all the way through the rise of Web2, ushering in the internet we today (one dominated by centralized platforms). Now, we are at the beginning of Web3, which envisions value and data being seamlessly moved across decentralized platforms, where ownership and control are distributed. However, Mohammed mentioned that there are still a few hurdles that need to be overcome for the vision of Web3 to come to fruition.

Chinedu Nwadike, NEAR Nigeria Lead developer presented on NEAR ecosystem and its opportunities. He defined NEAR as a blockchain, collective and foundation which is characterized by high scalability. He also defined an ecosystem as a participant/community interconnected with a collective value. Chinedu took the participants through the various community ecosystems; hubs/guilds, governance and collective, before handing over Damilola who extensively explained Octopus Network to the audience. Damilola discussed how Octopus Network provides solutions and support to Web3 based projects that are ready to build their project as an Appchain. 

Next was the Africa Lead of Metapool for Africa,Ezra who spoke about metapool liquid staking. He encouraged all present to stake with Metapool (partner of NEAR), one will get an extra stNEAR and this can be used on any DeFI platform.

Next we had a live section where the CMO of Atocha Protocol an Appchain of the Octopus Network in the person of Kim zhoo wei talked about the puzzle game Appchain and how gamers, creators and investors can benefit from Atocha Protocol 

Next we had Mr Aminu Bin a member of the NEAR FOUNDATION Grants Team explain how Nigeria and Africa based startups can maximise the grants system on NEAR, criteria to fulfil to be qualified for a grant and promised to assist projects to get grants

Next we had another live section with Unique One, the first EVM Appchain in which Jason Wong, the Head of Business Development explained all about Unique One NFT ECOSYSTEM and its forthcoming IDO.

Next was Aminu Muhammad the CEO of NEAR HEALTH who talked about health based solutions via Blockchain especially the NEAR BLOCKCHAIN and how solutions can be built on NEAR and integral to AURORA AND OCTOPUS NETWORK. 

Next was Israel from TNEsociety where he discussed Music and web3,  the vision of TNEsociety as an NGO to onboard Musicians and about several Web3 Music platforms such as Loozr and Tamago.

Next was, a web3 social media Appchain whose CEO in the name of Jean-Daniel (Danny) Gauthier did a live section talking about how myriad is disrupting the socialFi and benefit of using myriad as your number one social media platform, Also Myriad.Social gave out a total Airdrop worth $200 to attendees of the meetup.

The event came to a close with distribution of refreshments, customized T-shirts to participants and opening of 60 new NEAR wallets .

Special Thanks to all Sponsors and Partners 

  • Octopus Network 
  • Atocha Protocol 
  • Myriad.Social 
  • Unique One
  • Metapool 
  • Near Nigeria 
  • Aurora Nigeria 
  • Blockchain Buk
  • TNEsociety 
  • SCTV
  • DiutoCoinNews 

From the Octopus Network Africa team we want to thank everyone that attended.

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