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Republic Note Launching On Algorand

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Last updated on August 18th, 2020 at 07:58 pm

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Algorand came to play in the year 2019 providing users with a permissionless blockchain; a blockchain where one doesn’t undergo any form of permission before being a part of it, in other words, is open to the public. 

Algorand being a permissionless blockchain makes it a core decentralized system as it’s free and open to anyone who wishes to transact and partake in block generation.

RepublicNote as a next-generation profit-sharing token coming in line with Algorand blockchain, will utilize Algorand as it’s blockchain frame layer, a creative profit-sharing token to both certify and retail financial investors commencing July 16, 2020.

Algorand was picked for its inventive proof-of-stake structure which permits and enables the Republic system to satisfy the requests of a regulated security token that trades freely among a great number of investors amounting to almost a million.


The Republic Note firstly as a sort advancement benefit/profit sharing token pays it’s holders when new companies and private establishment that are supported through the funds from certain Republic investment platforms are open up to the world, in other words when start-ups and establishment that were raised through Republic investment goes public, holders of Republic Note token are being paid interest/profit.

Payments that will be made to these holders are through the stable coin format and is relative to the sum of the funds held by the financial investor. (The more funds an investor holds the more payment he is going to get as a benefit).

Apart from the profit-sharing token Republic Note also offers its users some added benefits.

As it’s open to everyone to invest with no highly demanded policy that investors and users have to go through. It also possesses a friendly design with no hidden cost or transaction fee as everything is made to the open.

In general, Republic Note is a mission-driven platform that focuses on leveling the playing field of both entrepreneurs and investors

Other added advantages of The Republic Note include; offering speculator advantages/investor’s perks, including investors vouchers, waitlist priorities, and other platform benefits.


For its profit-sharing token, Republic required a blockchain layer that took into account enormous volumes of little disseminations to numerous individuals. 

Algorand’s running on a low exchange cost and high throughput made it the most ideal choice for this new resource class involving both Republic Note and Algorand blockchain.

What’s more, Algorand takes into account consents just as the following of possession, critical for the issuance, and the executives of advanced protections. With over a thousand exchanges for every second, prompt exchange certainty, and infinitesimal exchange charges,

Algorand is considering adoption as the foundation of decision for DeFi applications and those hoping to connect from the conventional financial related world to DeFi.

Past specialized capacity, Republic’s objective of utilizing innovation to carry the best venture chances to everybody, paying little mind to their riches and access, lines up with Algorand’s strategic inclusivity where anybody can partake in the new economy. 

As a cutting edge, confirmation of stake in blockchain, Algorand is regarded to have been picked as an accomplice for the Republic and eager to help power these new outskirts in contributing.


Worldwide private value net resource esteem has become 7.5X since 2002, more than twofold the open markets at that time. 

In any case, over 92% of US family units are bolted out of these private speculations, which are fundamental vehicles for riches creation, because of bygone and elitist rules. Presently, the Republic Note offers everybody access to these private markets.

The Republic Note is supported by the absolute most unmistakable speculators, for example, Binance, Passport Capital, the Algorand Foundation, Blockchain Ventures, ZhenFund, and FBG Capital. Republic Core has pre-sold over $12 million in token buys from vital institutional financial specialists.


Presently Republic platform has more than 700,000 recorded users and has subsidized projects by providing the funding running from the beginning phase of start-up companies like Delee and Teooh to set up brands like Robinhood and Carta.

Republic’s financial investors have been able to spend a significant amount of funds into 200 organizations, which is more than $120,000,000 in worth.  

Most times these brands are upheld by driving VCs like Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, Sequoia Capital, and numerous others.

Republic conducts extraordinary due determination before contributing and has propelled crowdfunding efforts for less than 1% of organizations looking to utilize its crowdfunding stage.

The launching of public Note on the Algorand platform will bring a high synergy to both investors and other users. As both platforms have some unique value and factors.

The synergy will cage off every form of centralization bringing a more decentralized system, a fast decentralize system which is one of the key advantages of republic note and also a system creating no barrier that’s easy and free to use without users going through the tedious task or undergoing several verifications to be granted permission, as the system is to create a permissionless platform and giving investors some benefits through its profit-sharing token.

Written By Barineka Maagbo

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