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Ripple Payment is Now Available in U.S, and Other Geopolitical Regions Through One Pay FX

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Ripple Network is a blockchain-based remittance payment network used in borderless payment competing with the likes of Western Union etc.  Santander, one of the Spanish biggest bank by total asset and market capitalization, had designed a Ripple enabled payment app…

Bitcoin Surges Above $10,000 Again Amidst the Unrest Across the United States.

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Bitcoin surges above $10,000 again amidst the unrest across the United States.

Tether Blows Ripple (XRP) Out as the Third Largest Cryptocurrency by Market Capitalization 

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Tether USDT blows Ripple (XRP) from the third position and now seats as the third largest cryptocurrency by Market Capitalization 

Stablecoin Tether USDT Shades $2 Billion Dropping Behind XRP as the Fourth Largest Cryptocurrency.

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Tether’s Stablecoin USDT has lost $2 billion dropping from its third place as the third-largest cryptocurrency and is now the third-largest altcoin behind Ripple’s XRP.

Popular African Cryptocurrency Exchange, Luno Will Add Litecoin in May.

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Following the announcement from the Luno Exchange blog, the Africa’s unicorn cryptocurrency exchange will be supporting litecoin market for buying and selling in May.

Binance Loan Adds Support for BCH, LTC and XRP as Collateral.

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Binance Loan announced support for three additional cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP).

MoneyGram Confirms it has Sold Out $11.3 Million Worth of XRP From Ripple in Remittance Payments.

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MoneyGram confirms it has sold out $11.3 million worth of the cryptocurrency XRP which it received from Ripple as part of it’s commercial agreement with the payments processor.  According to the SEC Filing, MoneyGram says it received XRP from Ripple…

Bay Area Startup, Ripple Donates $25 Million To San Francisco State University.

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Bay Area Startup, Ripple Donates $25 Million To San Francisco State University. Chris Larsen, the co-founder The San Francisco based Blockchain Company Ripple Network donates $25 million in XRP to a university in California reports SF State News. Chris Larsen…

Western Union Expressing Her Interest In Integrating Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Into Her Services

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As was gathered from Yahoo Finance American based financial service providers, Western Union is finally ready for cryptocurrencies. In a video interview with Reuters Plus, Western Union President Odilon Almeida said the company has been evaluating the use of cryptocurrency….

XRP; National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia Joins RippleNet

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As per the statement from Ripple.Com The National Commercial Bank is the first bank to establish in the country. The largest financial institution in the Middle East. NCB has over 5.74 million customers with over 400 branches around the world….