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The First Open Auction of .ton TNS Domain Name Goes Live on 30th July.

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TON domain name TNS (TON Name Service) will go live on dns.ton.org on 30th July. Telegram Open Network (TON) ecosystem’s major goal is to make the TON ecosystem as user-friendly as possible. With the .ton decentralized domains, you will not…

Cameroon and Congo to Adopt TON Blockchain for Building the Country’s National Stablecoin

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Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) recently disclosed plans to adopt TON, the layer-1 proof-of-stake blockchain, as the cryptocurrency and blockchain to drive future national economic progress. Congo is also reportedly considering launching a new national stablecoin…

First Free TON Contests Goes Live Allowing Contributors to Acquire TON Crystals

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Just in, Free TON launches first community contests, in other to distribute thousands of TON Crystals to contributors—winners and participants.

Rumour: Reddit Community Point System to be Released on Ethereum Blockchain.

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From a video posted on Reddit, there appears to be a video leak about the details of the Reddit community points system and how it will work within the social media platform.  The video shows two sections including the wallet…

Grams Wallet Launched By Telegram Goes Life On Testing Mode.

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Grams Wallet Launched By Telegram Goes Life On Testing Mode. Telegram has launched its crypto wallet, Grams Wallet in testing mode. It is now available for download on MacOS, Windows and Ubuntu with the source code available on GitHub. After…

Telegram Releases TON Node Software And Explorer.

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Telegram Releases TON Node Software And Explorer. The encrypted instant messaging service Telegram has released the Telegram Open Network (TON) testnet explorer and node software. Telegram released its Open Network testnet explorer and node software on its website on 6th…

Telegram Just Released The TON Blockchain Test Client With Smart Contracts Fift On Github.

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The Russian giant encrypted messaging app Telegram, officially released the test client version of its Telegram Open Network (TON). According to the file released on test.ton.org. The newly released files is available for download. The file is an archive file…