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TON domain name TNS (TON Name Service) will go live on on 30th July. Telegram Open Network (TON) ecosystem’s major goal is to make the TON ecosystem as user-friendly as possible.

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With the .ton decentralized domains, you will not need to remember the IP address of the site you want to visit. You only need to know the name of the site. So, here, too, you will be able to assign your contract a unique address.

This solution will simplify and personalize transactions among users because the transfer will be available by a unique username with the ending “.ton” — e.g., telega.ton or olga.ton

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There are two main ways to use such nicknames (in fact, there are many more):

  • Bind the nickname, say, olga.ton to your wallet. And then it will be possible to transfer TON to it not by the fancy standard address, but simply by your nickname.
  • Bind your nickname to a TON site.

What You Should Know About .ton domain names:

  • The “.ton” domain name must be at least 4 characters and no more than 126 characters.
  • Registering a domain name with fewer than 4 characters is unavailable to avoid confusion with well-known internet domain names, such as “com”, “org”, “gov”, etc.
  • The domain must contain English letters, digits, and hyphen.
  • Once per year, the domain’s owner will have to send a nanoton to the domain’s smart contract to extend the domain for a year. If the owner fails to extend their domain, it will go up for auction. Such is to prevent losing a domain forever in the event its owner loses access.

Technically, the domain is an NFT. It will be displayed in wallets and can be bought or sold through marketplaces like Getgems and Disintar.

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