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Last updated on July 26th, 2020 at 05:52 pm

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Pay With Tatcoin

African’s largest utility token, Tatcoin has been added to the ivendPay payment system, one of the largest crypto payments processor across Africa and Europe. 

“TAT Coin of ABiT Network – one of the most popular utility tokens in Africa – is integrated into the ivendPay payment system! Payments are available in vending machines connected to ivendPay in Asia and Europe.”  ivendPay

This will allow too many users around Europe and Asia using the ivendPay platform to pay for goods and services using Tatcoin.

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The new integration of Tatcoin into ivendPay will increase the use of the ecosystem token of ABiT Network for utility payments not only in Africa but across the globe.

“Congrats to our Team, tatcoin is now on ivendpay The biggest Cryptocurrency payment gateway for vending machines across Asia and Europe”, Gaius Chibueze (CEO and CMO of ABiT Network).

About ivendPay

ivendPay is the world’s first multi-currency payment system that allows you to accept payments in any cryptocurrency, electronic money or Fiat.

About ABiT Network

ABiT Network is a blockchain focused  mobile application company. ABiT Network aims to empower Africans with the right knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. 

The long term benefit is the rise of smart 21st Century investors and traders who will be at the forefront of blockchain innovation. We are aiding this rise with the introduction of various marketplaces that harness the powers and advantages provided by blockchain technology.

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