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The Results Of African Blockchain Conference Held In Uganda

By Tony Chimdiuto May28,2018
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African Blockchain Conference :

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African Blockchain Conference hosted by UGANDA in Kampala has so far been the new Wave towards Blockchain Adoption in Africa. Non-supporters are now left to choose to support Blockchain adoption in Africa or be left out to swim in the dark side of the Technology World.

African Blockchain Conference

The recent Continental Conference held at Kampala UGANDA was a huge success as we gathered.
Two Presidents, Prime Minister, Governor, upto 10 super Ministers, CEOs and captains of top business and industry all in one room debating what blockchain is or is not sets the better scene and forum for the right conversations towards the new Technology Innovation (BLOCKCHAIN) .

The Uganda President Yoweri. K. Museveni talking about his four growth sectors including Commercial Agriculture, Industry, Services and ICT said that a lot of opportunities abounds and this innovation will equally help in the economic growth of Africa and help to fight corruption.

He also said that

“People involved in technological innovation should use their discoveries to improve ways of doing business so that it is easier, faster and more effective. This should not be about merely replacing traditional ways of production of goods and services with technology”

The CEO of Binance CZ, the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platform in the world who sighted the company’s plan in setting up a new shop in Kampala appealed to the attendees:

“Let’s skip a few steps and go directly to finance on the blockchain.”

The African Blockchain Conference has paved the way for innovation ecosystems built off these fundamental box that increase the diversity of activity. It will encourage each other and go on to challenge and create healthy competition. It will equally ? the potential of local entrepreneurs.

“Banks have been disrupted before. Now we are wise, we realise there is room for everything. We can incorporate” said Patrick Mweheire of Stanbic Bank.
This will increase the loads of opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs and other bodies. It will help to solve significant challenges and difficulties.

Ck Japheth: CK is a startup ecosystem builder. He is the Founder of The Innovation Village. An entrepreneur. Commenting on the Conference he said “Blockchain Innovation will equally encourage the entrepreneurs around the globe and particularly UGANDA. All thank to the President of Uganda and the dignitaries present for this conference. It was a huge success.

The new innovation will equally encourage start-ups in Africa. It will bring out new potentials and initiatives for a unique and dynamic products in Africa. And likewise foster the African Tech growth.

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