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These Top three ReFi tokens platform resides on ethereum blockchain platform.

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Regenerative Finance (ReFi) means to contribute for common good where the cause of capital giving is the main aim of giving not the return in giving. 

Let’s start with the new approach to regenerative finance which was previously known or practiced as Impact Investing. The new approach to ReFi is to give capital for the good of a cause where the end isn’t the return on capital but the progressive good of the cause.

The top three Refi tokens platforms includes:

Gitcoin: Gitcoin (GTC) is an Ethereum token that enables community governance of the Gitcoin platform. The platform is designed to fund and coordinate open-source development by novel means such as quadratic funding. 

Quadratic Funding here means democratic funding whereby individual funds contributed on Gitcoin Grant Fund Poll. This fund is distributed equally to reach all fund raise creators on Gitcoin Platform.

Gitcoin is also a platform where you get paid to work on open source software in Python, Rust, Ruby, JavaScript, Solidity, HTML, CSS, Design. U can earn on Gitcoin by participating in hackathons and creating a fund raise campaign to earn from Gitcoin Grants. 

At current price with increasing popularity with trend, this token can x10 from it’s  current price $7.33 

Dora Factory: Dora Factory is one of the first blockchain projects that aim to build an open infrastructure for DAO (decentralized autonomous organizations) on Polkadot Substrate. Dora Hacks part of Dora Factory aims to act as a bridge connecting developers/hackers and enterprise challenges or entrepreneur ideas.

Dora Factory implemented the Progressive Funding idea via creating perpetual bonding curves for public goods and DAOs. This idea suggests continuous funding for public goods. This empowers advocates of social good to easily raise capital for achieving social and environmental good (SEG).

It involves contributing to quadratic funding rounds and grow the Web3 multi-chain ecosystem) , BUIDLs, continuous funding, grants, bounties, and hackathons. This token can x20 at it’s current rate of $5.71.

Giveth: It’s a regenerative finance platform built on gnosis chain. Creators seeking for donations can easily establish project on Giveth to tap into the revolutionary funding opportunities of the Ethereum Ecosystem. 

Create a project or donate directly to for-good projects with zero fees added by Giveth. Donors who donates on verified projects listed on Giveth will earn GIVbacks by donating to them. 

Giveth is a clear representation of Impact Investing or Impact Finance where users donors lookout to earn a return on their donations. 

This token can easily X5 at it’s current price of $0.3 with a 1billion total supply. It doesn’t have up to 15 million in circulation.

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