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Domain Name Indentity Ownership Verification for Web 3.0.

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Domain Identity Verification on Web3. Web3 Use cases — like NFTs, smart contracts (DApps), decentralized domain names and DAOs — are transforming our digital experience, and each one of them increases the complexity and value of verifying our humanity as we collectively experience the met averse and decentralized web.

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Digital identities have been around for years. However, in Web2, they’re fragmented across different platforms and networks that we didn’t build nor own. If we want permission to use them, we have to agree to let them use us right back.

Every day, we unknowingly give our personal data to companies in exchange to experience anything online, ranging from using an app, playing a game, to accessing a website. 

Our social media IDs, our chat messages, our videos and anything else we publish online are owned by big tech companies, not by us as the creators. They have control over our contents, spy on us, ban us, and monetize our data for their lucrative billion dollar advertising business.

In decentralized world, the web3. We own our identities and decide who to give it to. There are various identity verification service providers for web3 including, bright id etc. The most recent means of verification recently is through domain name where user’s identity verification is already attached to a web3 domain name.

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Unstoppable Domain built SSO (single sign-on) product — Login with Unstoppable — with these needs in mind. 

Introducing Domain Name Identity Verification on Web3

Unstoppable launched ‘Humanity Check’ for identity verification on web3. It is a verified, yet 100% private, identity layer that you can attach to your own Unstoppable Domain. With Humanity Check, you can prove you’re a unique person to an application, to enrich your experience and collect rewards, all without revealing ANY personal information to that app.

How This Benefits You

Your privacy comes first: Adds a verification layer while respecting user privacy. DApps verify identity through a unique ID number created by Humanity Check — not your personal information. And Unstoppable does not, and never will, have access to any data you share through the Humanity Check process. 

You are in control: You have 100% control over your data and which apps this verification is shared with.

It’s quick and simple: The process takes a few minutes to complete, and verification only needs to be completed once per NFT domain. Verify once and use it across apps, forever. 

Awesome rewards await: Soon, people who have completed the Humanity Check process will receive a Humanity Check verification on their Unstoppable Domain profile which will unlock new reward programs on both our platform and across Login-integrated DApps. 

With Humanity Check, Login with Unstoppable-integrated applications have a way to solve spy attacks while elevating customer experience and engagement.

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