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Last updated on March 9th, 2022 at 07:33 pm

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As the #NFT space is rapidly evolving and reaching new heights, we are excited about a promising new project called Edenhorde. An expansive continent is to be made up of 8,800 hand-crafted characters NFTs split into four distinct tribes 

With its launch this February, a set of 8,800 NFTs will be featured for everyone to participate in the world. Before further details, we’d like to emphasize that the Edenhorde world will be a lore-universe with its own ecosystem. To put it bluntly, the NFTs will possibly have a direct (story) utility and are not just ‘profile pictures’.

Why is this important? Keep on reading!

Edenhorde. The art is created by the Emmy-award-winning designer Andy Ristaino (@skronked) who worked on Adventure Time and The Midnight Gospel.

One important aspect is the upcoming Merit Circle Framework around developed games. In its current (early but not final) form, MC and EH holders will likely, according to the team, benefit from revenues generated by future games.

Edenhorde is built by a separate team as an extending arm of Merit Circle. From creative experts in art and music to die-hard coders and UX designers. This assures us that the project will be built with continuity and quality in mind.

The world of Edenhorde takes place on a great continent, surrounded by seas and desert, and is home to four tribes: the Oru, Babbumatta, Gadiran, and the Larriks.

First, Oru – a monastic robot tribe. Fully made up of metal, they sit at the top of Mount Puntu. Nobody knows how exactly they communicate. Rumors have it there’s a bronze or golden metal structurerising above the clouds.  

The Babbumatta, a most peaceful tribe, resembles a combination of plants and other organic materials. While consuming only fresh water and sunlight, they are the primary cultivators within Edenhorde, and mastered a form of ‘magic’.

The Gidaran on the other hand, are living in an independent but corrupt city-state, far away from the elements and accessible only via a special token indicating one’s status. They earn a living by selling goods from the sea, organic and inorganic.


And finally, the Larriks, roamers focused on foraging, hunting, fishing, collecting, and recycling. They seem to be very resourceful, and travel by both land and air.

With its fair launch, including community events, raffles, riddles, AMA participation, and so on – the total amount of available NFTs (including whitelists) is 8,800. The mints start on the 14th/Feb (whitelists), 16th (public), 18th (reveal).

Where to get EDENHORDE NFT.

All available Edenhorde NFTs are now minted. 

All future sales will now happen through secondary markets. And its OpenSea link is:… 

Overall, we believe that Edenhorde will be an interesting world that might surprise people out there. Which of the Edenhorde clans interest you the most? 

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Disclaimer!!! : None of this is financial advice. Investing/trading has risks and you’re responsible for your own actions. 

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