Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Airdrop: Farm Daily Wallet Airdrop Using Telegram Mini App

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The latest telegram mini app airdrop is the multi-crypto wallet known as Daily Wallet.

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What is Daily Wallet?

Daily Wallet’s core consensus is POSE (Proof of Social Engagement), we will introduce the vital concept of this unique consensus and give you details about how POSE works on Daily Wallet

Daily Wallet differentiates itself in the crypto ecosystem by using Proof of Social Participation as a consensus mechanism and encouraging users to actively participate. 

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Airdrops are an extension of this approach, seamlessly linking participation with token distribution, increasing the strength of the community and aligning with Daily Wallet’s core principles.

Daily Wallet Airdrop

Here’s what you need to do for the airdrop: 

You have to start the bot. After launching the bot, you can get the reward by doing a small verification. After completing the verification process by logging in daily, you can claim the daily rewards. The token will be released soon.

Get started now… 

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