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Alibaba Cashback System Will Be Rewarding Customers With 5% in Bitcoin.

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Alibaba Cashback system will be rewarding users with bitcoin. 

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The Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba has partnered with Bitcoin (BTC) rewards shopping app Lolli. The partnership is to enable its shoppers earn 5% back in Bitcoin. 

Only Alibaba USA customers can now earn back Satoshis (sats), the smallest unit of Bitcoin Cryptourrency, worth 0.00000001 BTC. When they shop on Alibaba they will be rewarded in bitcoin. 

This Alibaba Cashback system is not available to Chinese customers or any other customers from any other region. 

“Our partnership allows our users to earn free bitcoin on millions of products online every day. Arguably the most important piece of this partnership is that it supports our mission of connecting the entire world through commerce.”

Aldeman, CEO of Lolli

The partnership was announced on Singles Day, a shopping holiday that is celebrated in China. It is celebrated on Nov. 11 of every year. It is considered to be the world’s biggest one-day shopping event. 


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