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Last updated on July 17th, 2020 at 08:23 pm

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One of the top world’s cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex, recently cancelled Raid Public Sales. Tagged Raid Initial Exchange Offering (IEO).

Bittrex called off the history public sales scheduled to hold on 15th March 2019 few mins ago. Bittrex took to its twitter handle to call off the much anticipated Initial Exchange Offering setting the Crypto Exchange’s Customers in stale mood.

The Public Sales was previously announced by Bittrex on 12th March 2019 which brought many enthusiastic sleeping crypto traders alive. It was tagged the Bittrex History Initial Exchange Sales and it’s the first IEO to go live on Bittrex. The sales was actually for verified Bittrex users who will be opportuned to contribute a minimum of 10 USD for 30,000 RAID Token and a maximum buy of 5.7 BTC.

Rumours are around the cryptocurrency community over the reasons for the call off. A report was just released by Bittrex noting the reasons for the call off. Reasons been that RAID Platform partnership with OP. GG was terminated by OP. GG, reasons unknown. This lead to the cancellation of the RAID IEO. Some of the RAID Platform fans noted that the exchange had some foul play on its released Testnet in which account balance of users showed XRP instead of XRD.

The credibility of RAID Platform remains hanging as to the recent outcome unfolding from its partnerships. RAID is a decentralized data game platform based in Gangnam-mu Republic Of Korea. More details will be updated as it unfolds.

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