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Last updated on November 21st, 2020 at 07:53 am

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Blockchain technology as a subject in the Nigerian schools. The federal government is working towards integrating blockchain technology into the school curriculum.

Nigeria government through NITDA- National Information and Technology Development Agency released a draft for national blockchain adoption strategy.

The draft following implementation will see blockchain technology integrated into the school curriculum for mostly university students across the country.

How Will It Happen:

Per the draft, Federal Government through NITDA will partner with relevant institutions for integrating blockchain technology as a subject in schools for students.

Telokanda, a weather data collection platform and weather forecaster had earlier partnered with the University of Uyo and Rivers State University. This is to help drive weather data collection around Nigeria using Telos Blockchain platform. 

Blockchain technology as a Subject in the Nigerian schools will not only help to grow adoption, it will also create jobs for the relevant qualified teachers who will be teaching the subject in schools.

Excerpts from the draft suggests that the government will:

  1. Partner with relevant institutions to integrate blockchain proficiency skills into the curricula of schools and skills centres across the country.
  2. Create a Blockchain Skills Challenge to inspire innovative Nigerians to solve national challenges through the use of Blockchain technologies. 
  3. Mandate government institutions to acquire local blockchain solutions that address their needs. 

This confirms the need for our students largely dominated by Nigerian youths to acquire skills around blockchain technology as this will give them a better edge when applying for jobs in the tech field across Nigeria.

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Aside governments strategies which includes; relevant partnership with institutions like the ministry of education, creating blockchain skills challenge and mandating government institutions to utilize blockchain solutions that addresses their needs. Other programs are already launched across the country by different Blockchain companies towards enlightening students within the country.

A proper partnership with relevant academic sectors including NECO and WAEC will see Blockchain technology being among the relevant courses for obtaining a relevant academic certificate in specific fields.

Moreso, a practical implementation encouraged across institutions will see students getting accustomed with coding for blockchain tech via smart contracts etc. 

This will definitely boost the economy with workforce that will contribute to the vision of $10billion in revenue through blockchain technology by 2023.

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