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In case you find yourself in hands of hackers, 419, Yahoo Boys or you lost your phones, exposing your account to hackers, there is now a solution on how to stop debit transactions on your account by yourself.

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Make sure you know your account number off hand. If you’re reading and can’t recall your account number off hand, now is the time to memorise it. If you’re not good with number memorisation, write it down in a paper and put in a safe place, like a wallet or pocket.

In an event you became a victim, be swift to make use of any available phones from anyone else, dial *966*911#. Once you dialed the code you will receive a prompt message with : EasZybanking – Stop Debit Transactions. Enter Account Number_____________

Enter your account number and press OK or SEND. This will automatically froze your account and stop any debit attempts immediately.

You will not be able to withdraw money until you go to your bank branch and do so.

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