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 Consensys, the leading web3 software technology company has unveiled data gathered from a first-of-its-kind global survey on web3 and crypto.

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The survey, conducted online by international online research data and analytics technology group, YouGov, polled a representative sample of over 15,000 people across countries including Nigeria between April and May.

The result of that survey is now available and will provide insights into how people understand web 3 and cryptocurrency and their level of integration across the globe.

The results present a compelling picture characterised by widespread awareness of crypto and a strong desire for ownership, coupled with confidence in a crypto-led future for Nigeria.

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The survey captured responses from a total of 15, 158 people aged 18-65 between April 26th and May 18th, 2023 in 15 countries across Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Of that number of people in the survey, 1 ,000 are from Nigeria, representing over per cent.

The 15 countries in which fieldwork for the data-gathering exercise was conducted are Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, The Philippines, UK, the US, and Vietnam.

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