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Create Videos, Upload and Earn FVT on the FavorTube SocialFi Platform.

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FavorTube SocialFi is a fully decentralised create-to-earn video content creation platform for vloggers on the web3 created by FavorLabs.

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What is FavorTube: FavorTube is the first fully decentralized Web 3 platform that connects content creators, fans and users directly. Subscribers pay to watch videos while viewers get paid to watch and creators get paid when they upload their videos.

FavorTube SocialFi content creation platform is for vloggers. It’s similar to YouTube for creators but it now gives users full control over their content and is fully decentralised. 

Features of FavorTube SocialFi platform:

  • User-owned Data: Users can take ownership of data storage, distribution and authorization. 
  • Worldwide Marketing: Fully decentralised system make anti-censorship and unblockable payment and media stream platform.
  • Full Life-cycle Service: Full life-cycle service for creators with NFT issuing and distributing profits by NFTs 
  • Transparent Profit Distribution: Incomes of subscription are distributed among creators, FavorTube and fans.
  • DAO Governance: Content audit is proceeded by DAO, auditors are matched and results are sealed on-chain.
  • Multiple Revenue Models: Multiple activities are performed in FavorTube, creators, fans and token holders can get different profits.
  • Verifiable Business Model: Stakeholders can be analysed, and service costs and benefits of them can be picked and calculated.
  • Owned by Everyone: Anybody over the world can participate and take a piece of the network and benefit from it.

How to Earn $FVT FavorTube Token:

Become a Creator: As a creator on the FavorTube SocialFi platform, you will earn from subscriptions and NFT crowd sales.

Be a Token Holder: FavorTube SocialFi creators can earn FVT from the surge in the price of the FavorTube token. Holders can stake and earn from revenue sharing.

Become a Fan of the Creator: When you become a real fan, you can share in the creator’s revenue through participating in crowdfunding on FavorTube, and by reselling your membership.

Become a DAO Member: When you are a DAO member, you can earn different revenues. Earning a salary as a committee and getting token rewards as an auditor under the DAO.

How to Use FavorTube SocialFi platform:

Visit the website and click on portal.

Click on the OKC portal and then click on sign-in after the portal loads. 

Now, input your email and username and click on connect with OKX wallet after connecting, you are good to go.

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FavorTube ($FVT) Token Tokenomics 

The smart contracts are deployed on the BSC, and since FavorTube is fully decentralized, the corresponding subscription contract must receive instant feedback when $FVT is paid. Therefore, the ERC223 standard, which is capable of notifying the corresponding subscription channel when a transaction occurs, is used rather than the ERC20 standard. 

The tokens are divided into two parts: 

A future part generated at each block height and a pre-minted part. According to the economic model, the total issuance will amount to 100 billion tokens, of which 52 billion tokens (52%) are pre-minted, and the remaining 48 billion tokens (48%) are subsequently released at each block height. 

The tokens, which are minted on the BSC chain in accordance with the ERC223 standard, are pre-divided into two main categories and released in different ways.


$FVT is currently airdropping $FVT token, up to 2 billion token. FavourTube is powered by FavorLabs, a fully decentralized web 3 protocol stack and a video creation platvo on it. Kevin, the Head of Operation is a formal Technical Director of Cloud Storage, YouTube, Yahoo, HBO. 

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