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Vanity Bitcoin addresses became popular a few years after the anonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto launched the cryptocurrency back in 2009. 

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The first vanity address generator, called “VanityGen,” was released as an open-source platform on GitHub in 2012. One of the first references to vanity addresses on is a major crypto forum created by Nakamoto in 2013. VanityGen is a command-line vanity Bitcoin address generator.

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What is a Vanity Bitcoin Address?

This is an address that is usually personalised. It is a personalized BTC address that contains a specific pattern and a mixed word identification in a part of its total 26-35 character string of letters and numbers combined.

If you’re tired of the random addresses generated by regular Bitcoin clients, you can use a vanity address program to create a more personalized address. For example, you could create an address that starts ‘1Diuto’ and ask people to send bitcoin to 1DiutoBUvsh2bYm3nkYiLi7hVVbnnj567 

VanityGen was the first command-line vanity Bitcoin address generator. A few other vanity address generators exist including Vanitygen-plus and VanitySearch.

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