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Crypto BootCamp Community to Promote Networking in the Crypto Industry Through Meet & Greet Event

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Networking has become an indispensable tool for every industry’s growth and the blockchain sector is no exception.

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Networking bridges the gap between enthusiasts and top industry players that can help supercharge their careers. For individuals seeking a platform that helps them connect with like-minded people in the blockchain and crypto industry, “Crypto Meet And Greet” is poised to serve well.

Crypto Meet & Greet, led by Obinna Iwuno, Head and Founder of the Crypto Bootcamp Community, is a Networking, Recreational and Expository campaign that will be held in a plethora of cities within Africa, creating an interactive ecosystem of innovation and future-ready ideas.

The maiden event will be held in Enugu on Saturday, July 2nd 2022. The goal is to bring major Stakeholders and Crypto Players in each city together and have them interact with Noobs and Enthusiasts who are brought into the industry from the event. 

Participants will have the opportunity to network with experts and interact with like-minded people in the blockchain sector.

The event is powered by the Crypto Bootcamp Community and sponsored by SiBAN, Bundle, Mara, BoundlessPay, Crypto Ladies League, Xend Finance, CoinZone, Blockbuild, TradeFada, DuitoCoinNews, Blockchain Africa Hub, Afen, Neem, Blockchain Network and Convexity, among others.

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