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Top Free Online University Campus Spots to Learn Professional Skills

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Online University Campus Spots are virtual campus spots of the internet university. In this internet age, anyone at any location of the universe can learn and become a master in some professions utilizing these virtual campus spots. 

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Nobody necessarily needs to be around physically to learn and master most of the professions. Though some professions like being a doctor and others needs presence.

But then very few persons have a knowledge about these spots. About 99% don’t know the best spots on this virtual campus. This article is for this 99% who don’t know about these spots on the online university campus.

Here are the top websites to accelerate your learning on your journey around the online university campus spots.

These campus spots includes:

Untools (

This campus spot helps you to benefit from a collection of thinking tools and frameworks. The categories include: 

• Systems thinking

• Decision making

• Problem solving

• Communication

Naval Manack (

This website spot serves you with the opportunity to download the free books. On this online campus, you can get a ton of ebooks covering across different sectors including science, textbooks, novels etc.

Open Library (

This is another hot online library spot around the online university campus. You can search millions of books on Open Library and access them. Need a library card? Oh yes… and that’s your email. Your online library pass in this online university.

Stanford eCorner (

This campus is mostly for entrepreneurs growing businesses around the world. This platform will help you to get wisdom from people who’ve built successful startups around the world. This is courtesy of Stanford University.

You will get to hear directly from founders, professors, venture capitalists through podcasts, videos etc.

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Instructables (

Learn how to make anything step-by-step. From creating candles to building a 3D printer, you’ll probably find it here. You’ll also find a large community of DIY makers + innovators.

FreedCode Camp (

The mission of Code Camp is to help you learn to code for free. Find thousands of videos, articles, and interactive coding lessons. Start building a high-income skill.

Duolingo (

Learn 30+ languages online for free. Duolingo gamifies the experience, making it fun. An accompanying mobile app makes it easy to practice wherever you are.

Uxcel (

This is for majorly product designers. Do you want to build a career in UX design? Uxcel is a great place to start. Join a free community of 120k+ like-minded members. You’ll build valuable skills and find work opportunities.

Coursera (

This platform provides free extensive courses. Browse an extensive list of free courses from top companies and universities on this online campus spot.

You will gain world-class instruction that accelerates your career to a new level.

Khan Academy (

Khan Academy is a nonprofit focused on free educational tools. It’s especially popular for learning math and science. The materials can help mostly science students for the text and other exams. 

Ted Talks (

You’ve likely already heard of Ted Talks. This University offers more lively talk shows, and audio clips on a wide range of topics. You’ll find a wide range of 200+ topics from psychology to health, to business, to finance, to growth etc. You can as well get virtual mentorship from top experts.

Udemy (

There is no way I will make a free list of campuses online without talking about one of the oldest and largest online educational hubs around the world. Udemy has a ton of free courses across numerous topics and issues certificates upon completion 

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