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OKEX Africa 3-Day Virtual Crypto Trading Masterclass

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OKEx Africa presents a 3-Day Virtual Crypto Trading Masterclass for crypto beginners and enthusiasts. OKEx Africa facilitators are bringing with them years of experience to help you learn different ways to earn with crypto. They will be teaching how to…

OKEx P2P Nigeria Vs Binance P2P Nigeria

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OKEx is undoubtedly one of the biggest players in the crypto industry. The exchange has one of the best technical trading platforms available, with minimal fees and high liquidity.  This makes it a perfect exchange for advanced traders. Due to…

CryptoCurrency Academy launches first Master Class, ‘The Next Leap’

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain classes now offered on CryptoCurrency Academy 5th- July-2021: IMMEDIATE RELEASE ‘The Next Leap’ Master Class series is the first of its kind providing learners with cutting edge cryptocurrency topics with the added interaction with founders and teachers…

Over 10,000 New Students Joined the Crypto Community in Nigeria in 2020

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The crypto community in Nigeria is growing at a steady rate in the country. The steroid growth in community was seen among students who signed up new crypto wallets to participate in airdrops. Per the info from Binance Campus Ambassadors…

Cryptocurrencies and Ponzi Scheme: Misinterpretations and Misconceptions of the Day

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Since the history of time and money came into existence. People have managed to come up with Different Strategies (Fraudulent Schemes) to defraud others without the knowledge or other gullible persons. Then came the revolution of money into virtual currencies, such…

Mastercard Partners JA Nigeria to Empower Youths with Digital Skills Including Blockchain Tech

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Mastercard has partnered with Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) to help bridge the digital and financial literacy gap amongst school students and young adults in Nigeria. Through a series of programs, the students will be equipped with essential skills including most…

[WATCH VIDEO] Beginner to Pro Trading Video Tutorials By Stephen Voski

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The Video guides is beginner friendly and have categories ranging from what blockchain is, to trading skills using FA — Fundamental Analysis and TA — Technical Analysis down to DeFi.

Top 10 Paying Skills to Learn and Earn in 2021

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Top paying skills are now growing in demand in the wake of the economic recession which has grabbed the country and tiring down the economy. The need for skills and mostly digital skills have grown. 

Aminu Popularly Known as Elpriist on #CryptoLife, “I Couldn’t Buy ETH When It was $100”

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Aminu on #CryptoLife highlights how he missed buying Ethereum (ETH) when it was $100.

A #CryptoLife of a Nigerian Student Who Makes Over N90k from Ambassador Jobs

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A #CryptoLife with a Ngerian student who makes money from ambassador jobs and trading.