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Gain Crypto Knowledge Using Binance Academy 

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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the future. On a daily basis, more and more people are getting into the crypto and blockchain space. However, it could be daunting for a beginner to understand how it works and where they fit in. Binance Academy eliminates this obstacle. There is so much knowledge to be gained and you definitely should not miss out on it. 

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The Binance Academy is a nonprofit blockchain education portal. It was established by the world’s largest exchange, Binance, as part of Binance’s mission to educate people on the transformative potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It offers quality and easy-to-understand content for cryptocurrency enthusiasts all over the world. It is designed to cater to users of all experience levels. As such, the content provided on the platform ranges from the basics such as ‘What is cryptocurrency?’ and ‘How does blockchain work?’ down to the more complex concepts on cybersecurity, such as ‘What is Cryptojacking’ and ‘Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes.’

Built with a sterling and easy-to-navigate web interface, the website has tons of educational and informative content specially curated to gently introduce users to some of the key concepts they would need to understand to properly begin their journey into the world of crypto and blockchain technology. The available content on the platform include interactive and in-depth articles with accompanying videos and a comprehensive glossary. In order to reach as many people as possible all over the world, the platform offers its content in multiple languages (such as English, Vietnamese, Polish, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Russian, Turkish etc.)


In addition to its daily educational articles, learn & earn programs, and educational webinars, Binance Academy also offers the most comprehensive educational courses lineup as part of its new education initiative: Academy Courses. The initiative is aimed at allowing users to gain further knowledge of the crypto and blockchain industry by completing courses and quizzes. These fun, interactive courses allow users to advance their knowledge for free. 

GET STARTED HERE: https://academy.binance.com/en/courses 

Currently, both Binance and non-Binance users may only complete the Blockchain Fundamental course in the beginner track, as the remaining courses for this learning track will be launched later. Users who login to their verified Binance accounts while completing all the courses and quizzes under the beginner track will qualify to each receive one NFT certificate.

Create a Binance account here: https://accounts.binance.me/en/register?ref=YA35VD1V 


If you are looking to gain knowledge about crypto, then Binance Academy is your one-stop guide to all things crypto. There is a lot of information available for beginner, intermediate and advanced level crypto enthusiasts. So whether you’re a noob just getting in and trying to understand crypto or you’re a veteran looking to learn more, Binance Academy is the right place for you. 

For free, quality cryptocurrency and blockchain content, get started in the Binance Academy today: https://www.binance.vision 


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