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Google Cloud Used For Illegal Crypto Mining, Report Shows.

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Online attacks have become extremely prominent, and they include cryptocurrency mining abuse, phishing campaigns, ransomware, and so on.

A new cyber security report by Google has revealed some disturbing statistics. The report shows that the most compromised Google Cloud accounts are used for cryptocurrency mining.

Google’s Cybersecurity Action Team released the first issue of Threat Horizons insights. The report is based on threat intelligence observations from the Threat Analysis Group (TAG), Google Cloud Threat Intelligence for Chronicle, Trust and Safety, and other internal teams.

The report stated that, “Of 50 recently compromised GCP instances, 86% of the compromised Google Cloud instances were used to perform cryptocurrency mining, a cloud resource-intensive for-profit activity, which typically consumed CPU/GPU resources, or in cases of Chia mining, storage space.”

The malicious activities are not new. In fact, the cloud platform is also increasingly witnessing phishing campaigns and ransomware. “Attackers also continue to exploit poorly configured Cloud instances to obtain profit through cryptocurrency mining and traffic pumping. The universe of ransomware also continues to expand with the discovery of some new ransomware that appears to be offshoots of existing malware with mixed capabilities.”

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