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Kenya: To Introduce Blockchain Education In Universities.

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As per the statement from local reporter BitcoinKe.

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The African Blockchain Community is missing from the billion dollar cryptocurrency market. The developers community in Africa Continent is about to kick off the goal of putting the continent on the world map of blockchain community.

Kenya is doing its best by taking lead in this journey after the recent launch of Binance Uganda. Binance is a top world cryptocurrency exchange with the highest trading volume worldwide. The Kenyan universities is working on putting it up the blockchain education in the country to breed new developers for the country .

Ether Africa Meetup and Blockchain Education

In order to bring more awareness and grow the need for blockchain education among public and private universities, Ether Africa founder, Lamine Diallo, was in the country to help promote and push for the needed education in the space.

Lamine Diallo organized an event at the University of Nairobi, School of Computing at Chiromo. This is to help bring about an awareness and knowledge of the new technology (blockchain) to the country.

Lamine was accompanied by John Karanja founder, Bithub Africa. With Michael Kimani Chairman, Blockchain Association of Kenya.

Panelists feat John Karanja, Mic Kimani, and Lamine Diallo

According to Michael,

“There is such a huge opportunity to become the first and earliest developer community in Africa. There is already an excitement about software development in Nairobi and I think that should be linked to the blockchain.”

According to John,

“We’re working on a curriculum for blockchain programming. The languages we’re looking at is C++, Python, and Java. We will be announcing soon about our course that students can join.”

According to Lamine,

“I think it’s critical that we put an emphasis on blockchain development. Anybody with a computer can be part of the blockchain revolution and part of our work is to show that blockchain and cryptocurrencies is not just about investment, but also about creating solutions by learning how to code.”

The event brought out 3 key insights on how Kenyan universities can set into the blockchain technology growth;

  • Can Kenyan universities act as hubs or centre for Blockchain innovation and growth?
  • Can Kenyan universities act as block producers for various emerging blockchains. Eg EOS?
  • Can Kenyan universities introduce blockchain development classes to help provide to the growing blockchain developer need?

The recent event in Kenya shows the rapid growth if the African community towards blovkchain adoption and growth.



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