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Last updated on June 11th, 2022 at 07:13 am

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DiutoCoinNews caught up with LeriQ to discuss African Valuable Collectives and his upcoming NFT project. 

Eric Isaac popularly known as LeriQ is the producer of the award winning grammy album (Twice as Tall) by Burna Boy. 

In this interview session, LeriQ discussed about his upcoming NFT Project with BNXN (Buju Benson) and the African Valuable Collectives.

Welcome LeriQ to DiutoCoinNews Interview session, I am excited to have you today with us.

We have been hearing about the African valuable collectibles and then the recent launch of the platform and its partnership with Bundle and Cent. Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself.

My name is  Eriq Isaac I’m also known as LeriQ. I am a grammy winning producer / tech executive at african valuables 

We have been hearing about African Valuable Collective. Can you give us a brief background about the idea. 

African valuables was founded by myself and Essien. When we started talking about the African resource talents love here in Africa, and how we can get into the NFT space because it’s a big industry in the world. Africa has the resource to build that same industry over here for us by us so the idea of building a platform for it?

Is African-valuables basically for nft creators in Nigeria and Africa ?

Yes, what we basically do is to offer advice and marketing support to creators.

How would your platform benefit NFT creators like me?

I would want to say that we stand as a bridge to the artist and to the client, we give advice on how to manage your project we manage a project basically for you we give you listings to our foreign partners and your work is being listed on like an ad on their platform thereby reaching their clients. Rather than just being an NFT creator who just uploaded on a Marketplace.

Okay African valuable serves as a kind of advisor for NTF creators?


Okay so is there any plans to launch a platform like NFT marketplace?

Definitely yes but for now we are just focusing on building the bridge for Africans to bridge the technology and the talents once we do that we can build definitely a marketplace.

“So basically what African Valuables Collectives (AV) currently does is to bring NFT creators together and then help them monetize their NFTs, properly manage it, provide advice and also provide listing on marketplaces like openSea.”

African Valuable Collectives

Does African Valuables offer a kind of marketing services for these creators?  

Yes exactly, it comes with managing the project for the artists for the clientele. You know, some people might be very busy and an NFT creation to them might seem like a lot but if you have somebody or if you have a team of people handling your project, it will take all lot off your plate. That’s where AVC comes in.

Can you help us explain the kind of NTFS, creators should focus on to make sells and also an advice for NFT creators in Africa and Nigeria

Yea. well, we’re not trying to take creative control. it’s after you come with your project to us that we can give you the best advice on how to market your project, not creative control.

So is there any other features African valuables offers or services aside from the advice and management.

Okay, for now that’s all. But we’re expanding rapidly so in the future, we will have more products.

Is there any project available we can look out for.

Uhm, I have a project titled Rough Diamonds out in June. That would be the first project AVC is putting out as well and the project is going to comprise of this digital arts that’s gonna unlock a three-track Musical Ep that is exclusively produced by me and it features the artist Tony Thomas and Benson also known as Buju.

Do you have any other utilities for this project like coming to a concert and then having it as a ticket for attendance?

no, for now, it’s just the ep

Any advice for other  upcoming entrepreneurs in this space especially in the NFT space would you have anything to say

keep reading on the technology, expanding knowledge on the technology and keep creating to know how best to utilize.

The END. Join AVC on Discord Channel

Hope you guys enjoyed the session. You can watch a recap of the interview using the link below.

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