Thu. May 23rd, 2024

Nigeria Leads Africa In Global Top 10 Countries With Meme Coin Interest At 5th Position.

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According to the latest research by coingecko identifying top countries leading the craze for meme coins in 2023, shows that among the top 10 countries only two African countries featured, with Nigeria leading at 5th position, while Morocco stood at 10th. 

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Nigeria’s meme coin interest has a relatively different profile than the other 8 countries. Floki and ArbDoge AI captured the highest interest at 24.2% and 20.8% respectively. Dogelon Mars generated 17.4% of Nigeria’s interest in meme coins, despite receiving limited interest share elsewhere.

This suggests that people in  Nigeria are also keeping an eye on the less well-known meme coins, instead of aping into those that are already trending. 

On the other hand, pioneer Dogecoin generated 61.1% of Morocco’s interest in meme coins, but received only minor interest among the rest of the countries.

The top ten countries are; 1) USA. 2). India. 3) United Kingdom. 4) Philippines. 5) Nigeria. 6) Australia. 7) New Zealand. 8) Canada. 9) Malaysia and 10) Morocco. 

The US is unsurprisingly leading the meme coin craze, accounting for 23.6% of the interest in 2023 so far with over 2 million views of the top meme coin pages.

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People are by far most interested in Shiba Inu, which drove 46.7% of interest among the top meme coins in 2023. Baby Doge Coin generated 12.3% of meme coin interest, followed by more recent meme coins Pepe (9.4%), Floki (8.6%) and Bonk (8.2%).

The most popular meme coin in the US this year is Shiba Inu, which generated 60.7% of US interest in meme coins. Recent trending crypto Pepe drove another 11.8% of meme coin interest in the US, followed by Bonk and Volt Inu.

India is a close second in driving the meme coin hype this year, making up 20.3% of interest across all countries.

Shiba Inu is also the most popular coin in India, driving 55.8% of the South Asian country’s interest in the speculative asset. Meanwhile, Baby Doge Coin generated a relatively high 29.9% of India interest in meme coins. 

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