Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Nigerians Own 75% Of Crypto In Africa: Research Shows.

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Research report from Triple A’s latest crypto ownership data, the African continent now has an estimated 53 million cryptocurrency owners. This constitutes about 16.5% of the estimated global total of 320 million. Out of all the crypto holders in Africa, Nigeria accounts for over 75% of the total, or just over 22 million.

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Globally, Nigeria has the fourth-highest number of crypto owners, while the United States is the top-ranked country, with 46 million cryptocurrency holders. According to the data, India and Pakistan are the next top-ranked countries with 27.4 million and 26.4 million crypto owners respectively.

While Nigeria is ranked fourth in terms of crypto ownership, the country is nonetheless seen as the world leader when it comes to the “number of people searching for ‘bitcoin’ and ‘crypto’ keywords on Google.” These findings are seemingly backed by the findings of another study, which suggested that Nigeria is the country most obsessed with cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, Triple A’s data shows that South Africa is the African country with the next highest population of cryptocurrency holders at 7.7 million. This figure constitutes nearly 12.5% of South Africa’s population. Kenya has the third largest population of crypto owners in Africa, with 6.1 million or 11.6% of the country’s population.

Completing Africa’s top five countries with the highest number of crypto owners are Eygpt and Tanzania which have 2.37 million and 2.32 million holders respectively. Seychelles, which has an estimated 1,257 crypto owners, is the lowest-ranked African country.

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