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Nigeria and Ghana central banks have invited financial innovators that wish to be included in their respective regulatory sandboxes to submit applications. The Bank of Ghana said its sandbox will also support innovations that attempt to solve the financial exclusion challenge, while the Nigerian Central Bank seeks novel innovations through digital channels. 

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The Ghanaian central bank has called on registered financial institutions and unlicensed fintech startups to apply for admission into its regulatory sandbox. In a press statement issued on Jan. 26, the bank said the process to admit the first cohort of participants will open on Feb. 13 and close on March 14.

According to the Bank of Ghana (BOG), the sandbox will support innovations that include “new digital business models not currently covered explicitly or implicitly under any regulation.” The sandbox will also support innovations that attempt to solve the financial exclusion challenge as well as “new and immature digital financial service technology.” 

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The Central Bank of Nigeria, recently said its own regulatory sandbox is now live. The bank said interested innovators can now submit “expressions of interest to participate in the regulatory sandbox to explore novel applications of technology and innovation on behalf of our customers and stakeholders.”

In a video shared on its Twitter, the Nigerian central bank said all entities with innovative financial solutions can apply online.

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