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Introducing the OKEx New Discovery Features

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Last updated on April 14th, 2022 at 11:11 am

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OKEx cryptocurrency exchange trading platform has continued to innovate easy to use features to make navigation and trading on the platform easy, enjoyable and hassle free. 

OKEx understands that crypto traders need as much information as possible and at the quickest rate possible to navigate market volatility. The new Discovery feature takes into cognizance the tiniest of details users need. 

To access the Discovery feature, click on the market botton and the new Discovery feature will appear alongside features like Favorites, Spots, Derivatives and the recently upgraded data feature. 

Popular Categories on Discovery feature, lists live market data percentages of all listed cryptocurrencies, top leading cryptocurrencies, and other categories of crypto ecosystems like GameFi tokens listing, Meme token listing, Polkadot token listing, and NFT listing.

Notable Changes segment provides technical information and tracks significant crypto price or volume events that can be used for trading purposes. Rallies and pullbacks denote when prices are retreating or advancing from recent high or lows.

The indices show live data percentage information on all significant changes. It also displays 5 minutes duration on gains and losses, down to the amount of significant buys/sells and new highs/new lows. 

Upgraded Data Center feature has market sentiment section with oscillator gauges that display real time ratings for selected time frames. This provides results at a quick glance.

The second feature of the data center is the trading data segment that displays live graphical information for selected time frames on many trading indices for spot trading, futures open and volume of trade.  

The Arbitrage feature, the last segment of the data center, provides users with arbitrage tracking information on APY (Annual Percentage Yield) rates. At a glance,it displays the real time funding rates with the estimated percentages for buy/sell of listed crypto pairs. 

These latest changes on Okex app provides full overview of your assets to assist users make informed trading decisions. Old users should update to the 5.3.7 version of Okex trading app. This is available for both iOS users from App stores and android users from play stores.  

About OKEx

A world-leading cryptocurrency spot and derivatives exchange, OKEx offers the most diverse marketplace where global crypto traders, miners and institutional investors come to manage crypto assets, enhance investment opportunities and hedge risks. 

We provide spot and derivatives trading — including futures, perpetual swap and options — of major cryptocurrencies, offering investors flexibility in formulating their strategies to maximize gains and mitigate risks.

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