Warning ! Safepal Wallet Firefox add-ons Can Steal Your Cryptocurrencies.

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A SafePal user has revealed an online fraud that involved Safepal Wallet Firefox add-on, which reportedly stole her cryptocurrency.

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A malicious Firefox add-on named “Safepal Wallet” managed to stay listed on the official Mozilla add-ons website for months, scamming users by emptying out their cryptocurrency wallets.

SafePal is a crypto-management platform that is capable of holding over 10,000 types of assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It is backed by Binance, but seems to have suffered a setback due to cybercriminals.

The issue was highlighted by a SafePal user Cali in Firefox support group. “Today I browsed true the add-on list of Mozilla Firefox I was searching for Safepal wallet extension to use my cryptocurrency wallet also in the web browser. So my searching ended on the following page: https://addons.mozilla.org/nl/firefox/addon/safepal-wallet/ 22,” she wrote on the support page.

“8 hours later I checked if my funds were still save on my phone software wallet also from Safepal I saw nothing $0,- balance I was deep in shock I saw my last transactions and saw that my funs ($4000),” she added in her post.

The add-on page for ‘Safepal Wallet’ says that the add-on was up since at least 16 February 2021. The same page says that the 235 KB add-on is a Safepal application that securely “saves private key locally.” It also has product images and convincing-looking marketing materials.

Bleeping Computer reports that to publish an add-on on Mozilla’s website, developers are required to follow a thorough submission process. Firefox’s developer platform says that the submitted add-ons are “subject to review by Mozilla at any time.”

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