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Last updated on September 11th, 2020 at 10:35 pm

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Satowallet Hack: Exchange Platform claims Satowallet Hack not from the failure of its platform but of the hosting provider.

The Satowallet is a Nigerian owned cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provide based in Dubai affairms loss of user funds.

Most of the users of Satowallet has been unable to access their wallet since August 2019, in what Satowallet team claim is a hack on the third-party provider. 

Possibly The First Nigerian Cryptocurrency Exchange To Be Hacked

According to news making rounds on the internet. Satowallet claims Satowallet hack issue was from their hosting provider Ovh Data Centre. Satowallet calimed Ovh Data Centre botched their backed up data including the wallet node backup.

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“All was fine with them for years until August when all the server including web, app, Wallet, suddenly went offline . We reach out to them and they said server was stuck and they were resolving for hours, to days, then we had to setup new servers to put website and app back up with our backup , but they was Wallet nodes backup was empty after restoring. When we keep on pressing on them, they finally came out and said server was gone for abuse which they cannot explain. After some days. Servers and wallets were up, but funds lost and we now knew it was no longer funny”

Samuel Benedict, CEO Satowallet

Satowallet Team is trying their possible best to resolve the issue owning to the fact that they have lost 70 percent of their workers to the hack — cyber crime.

Satowallet was to file a case against only to find out that details were no longer accessible and the website has been shut down. 

According to the report from Samuel Benedict CEO of Satowallet. The team will do their best to source funds to kick start trading for its users from a blog post from the CEO considering the possible hack incidence. 

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